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What People Are Saying About Their BriteLyt Lanterns

We truly appreciate what our customers have to say about their experiences using our lanterns. We pride ourselves in providing each and every one of you with an innovative, safe and reliable product that will last you a lifetime. Please browse what some of our customers had to say, and feel free to leave your own kind words on your experience!




I'm a NYC Police Officer who was involved in the rescue and recovery efforts down at the World Trade Center. It was during this time that my lantern was crushed by a piece of heavy equipment. I want to replace it with another one. I am very partial to multi-fuel capability, especially after having to scramble for any fuel which was available in the early days of the 9/11 events.


- Ernie


We've been a week without electricity, thanks to Hurricane Wilma. I am convinced that there are two essential things which separate people from the beasts in the jungle:

(1) Lighting at night.
(2) Hot showers.

So when is Britelyt going to come out with a kerosene home water heater??

Seriously, the Britelyt lantern is great. We run it every night. I highly, highly recommend that it be added to the list of important supplies for anyone who lives in an area prone to hurricanes or other loss of the normal comforts of civilization.


- Tom


As a former Astronaut and test pilot, I appreciate craftsmanship and utility! The Britelyt lanterns are the only truly multi-fuel ones on the market, and are part of my personal typhoon preparedness here on Okinawa. They will also look super when I get back home to the states in my den, and out camping.


- CJ


The Boy Scouts in Troop 51, Herndon VA and the Girl Scouts in my daughters' troop are big fans of the 'big silver light'! Well made product that has worked in 17 degree to 90+ degree driving rain storms!


- Mike


I'm so impressed with your lanterns I will probably order 2 more of the 150's after my Cancer surgery is successful.


- Art


Just wanted to let you guys know how much we really came to appreciate the BriteLyt over the past week. We were at the infamous, "ground 0" of the ice storm, power gone for 5 days. We had neighbors wondering how we had such bright lights on. It was the BriteLyt. Anyway, it is a world class product, and it's operating just like a champ.


- Frank


Thanks for the good service on products and spare parts. Many of my American friends were intrigued with my BriteLyt lantern, My friend has you lantern too. I Was happy to steer him to the fine BriteLyt products. So far he has had good things to say. Kind regards.


- Hakan


I have absolutely loved everything about the lantern. The only real problem I have is that my wife loves it so much (she uses it as a decorative piece in our living room) she doesn't want me lighting it. I have to sneak it out to the garage to play with it while she's at work. The lantern is so heavily constructed, you could probably run it over with a tank & still "fire" it up. I bet I'll get close to 50 yrs out of this lantern .


- Matt


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